भाकृअनुप - सरसों अनुसंधान निदेशालय
ICAR-Directorate of Rapeseed-Mustard Research
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Sewar, Bharatpur 321303 (Rajasthan), India

Agri Business Incubation (ABI)

ICAR-DRMR Agri Business Incubation (ABI) Centre was sanctioned by ICAR under XIIth Plan Scheme of National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF) Component II (Incubation Fund) in January 2020.

The ABI is aims at commercialize technologies of ICAR-DRMR and bring together entrepreneurs, industry experts, subject matter specialists, academicians & funding institutions under one roof for building start-up ecosystem, strengthening business plans, providing networking platforms, up-scaling the budding businesses through in house technical support.

ABI is assisting to new entrepreneurs in commercial activities conducted both on-farm, as well as off-farm such as seed production, oil and seed meal processing and other critical farm support services.


To facilitate the creation of agri-business enterprises through technology transfer, commercialization and incubation.

  • To accelerate technology development and utilization between ICAR-DRMR and entrepreneurs for commercialization of rapeseed-mustard technologies.
  • To provide incubation support for access to knowledge and networking services in innovation and developing entrepreneurship and business plans in biofertilizer production, rapeseed-mustard oil & seed meal processing, seed production and bee keeping.
  • To impart training and capacity building to prospective entrepreneurs in agribusiness ecosystem.
Activities & Services

The following services are being offered by ICAR-DRMR to the on-site incubatee clients.

  • Providing ABI facilities (Office space & Lab space ) for interested incuabtees
  • Capacity building, training and imparting consultancy skills for rapeseed-mustard based enterprises.
  • Technology transfer - MoA, Trainings, EDP, etc
  • Business facilitation and Industrial connects for business development support
  • Technology awareness - meetings/camps/exhibition/competitions/publicity
  • IPR awareness related to technologies and services

The Following facilities are available for incubatees at ABI Centre at ICAR-DRMR, Bharatpur

  • A dedicated centre for meetings with conference rooms, seed processing plant, oil expeller Unit, laboratory and internet facilities for entrepreneurs / incubatees.
  • Highly qualified experts from ICAR-DRMR and from other institution to mentor Incubatees.
Technologies Transfer

ICAR-DRMR has developed ten high yielding varieties of Indian mustard and yellow sarson based on genetic improvement and selection in the available germplasm and they are released at national level.

More than 15 companies have taken non-exclusive license for seed production and marketing of rapeseed-mustard varieties developed by ICAR-DRMR with a successfully growing business.

Technologies available at ICAR-DRMR for licensing to start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators:
  • NRCDR 2 (Indian mustard): Central released, recomanded for Zone-II ( Delhi, Haryana, J & K, Punjab and Rajasthan) , Plant height-165-212 cm, average seed yield- 1951-2626 kg/ha, Oil Content- 36.5- 42.5 % Seed size- 3.5-5.6g, maturity- 131-156 days.
  • NRCHB-506 Hybrid (Indian mustard): Central released, recommended for Zone-III (Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh),Plant height- 180- 205cm, average seed yield- 1550-2542 kg/ha, Oil Content-38.6- 42.5%, Seed size: 2.9-6.5g, and maturity: 127-148 days.
  • NRCDR 601 (Indian mustard): Central released, recommended for Zone-II (Delhi, Haryana, J & K, Punjab and Rajasthan), plant height- 161-210cm, Average seed yield- 1939-2626kg/ha, Oil Content-38.7- 41.6% Seed size- 4.2-4.9g and maturity: 137-151 days.
  • NRCHB 101 (Indian mustard): Central released, recommended for Zone-III(M.P., U.P., Uttarakhand and Rajasthan) & V (Bihar, JK, WB, Odisha, Asom, Chhattisgarh, Manipur), plant height- 170- 200cm, average seed yield- 1382-1491kg/ha, Oil Content-34.6- 42.1%, Seed size: 3.6-6.2g and maturity- 105-135 days.
  • DRMRIJ-31 (Giriraj) (Indian mustard): Central released, recommended for Zone- II (Delhi, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and parts of Rajasthan), Plant height-180- 210cm, average seed yield- 2225-2750kg/ha, Oil Content- 39- 42.6%, Seed size- 5.6g and maturity: 137-153 days.
  • DRMR 150-35 (Indian mustard): Central released, recommended for Zone-V(Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Asom, Chhattisgarh and Manipur), average seed yield- 1828kg/ha Oil Content-39.8%, Seed size- 4.66g and maturity- 86-140 days.
  • DRMR 1165-40 (Indian mustard): Central released,recommended for Zone-II( Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir), plant height- 177-196cm, average seed yield- 2200-2600kg/ha, Oil Content-40-42.5%, Seed size- 3.2-6.6g and maturity- 133- 151 days.
  • NRCYS-05-02 (Yellow Sarson): Central released, Recommended for Yellow sarson growing areas of the country,Plant height-110-120cm, Average seed yield- 1239-1715kg/ha, Oil Content-38.2-46.5%, Seed size- 2.2-6.6g and maturity: 94-181 days.
ABI Management & Advisory Committee

Institute ABI management and advisory committee pursues all business oriented, maintenance and transfer/commercialization related matters at the Institute level as per the ICAR guidelines. The ABI management committee helps in incubatee selection process.

S.No. Member Name & Designation Position

Dr. P. K. Rai


Sh. K. K Agrwal,
Krishna Oil Industries, Bharatpur
& Vice President, Mustard Oil Producing Association (MOPA), Jaipur


State Bank of India, Bharatpur


Sh. S.B Sharma
Finance & Account Officer


Sh. R.C. Meena
Sr. Admin. Officer


Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
Pr. Scientist & Co-PI


Sh. Veeresh Bhagore,
Director, Veeresh Multipurpse Farmers Producers Organisation, Bharatpur


Dr. Vinod Kumar
Pr. Scientist

Member Secretary
Project Leader
  • Dr. P. K. Rai, Director, ICAR-DRMR, Bharatpur
  • Project Investigator
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar, Pr. Scientist
  • Co-Project Investigator
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, Pr. Scientist
  • Dr. Anubhuti Sharma, Pr. Scientist
  • Dr. Ibandlin Mowlong,Scientist
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