भाकृअनुप - सरसों अनुसंधान निदेशालय
ICAR-Directorate of Rapeseed-Mustard Research
(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)
Sewar, Bharatpur 321303 (Rajasthan), India

AICRP-RM Employee

AICRP on Rapeseed-Mustard is operational at 31 centres (at present, there are 8 main, 14 sub and 9 verification Centres) of 4 central, 23 State Universities, 3 ICAR institute and one Central Government institute covering 20 states across the country

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Employee Discipline :

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Centre Name: Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141004, Punjab
S.No. Emp Name Emp Desi Emp disc Emp email Emp mob Emp status
1 Dr. (Mrs) S. K. Sandhu Sr. Scientist Plant Breeding surindersandhu@pau.edu 8146238432 Incharge
2 Dr. Virender Sardana Sr.Scientist Agronomy virsardana@gmail.com, virsardana@pau.edu 9463747125
3 Dr. Sarwan Kumar Scientist Entomology sarwanent@pau.edu 9988151555
4 Dr. (Mrs) Chhaya Atri Asst. Plant Breeder Plant Breeding chaya_pau12@rediffmail.com, chaayaatri@pau.edu 9888492588
5 Dr. P. S. Sandhu Professor Plant Pathology prabhsandhu@pau.edu 9855519676
6 Dr. Pushp Sharma Asst. Physiologist Phisiology pushp20@yahoo.com, pushp20@pau.edu 9915044881
7 Dr. Sanjula Sharma Asst. Biochemist Biochemistry drsanjule@pau.edu 8962543848